Professor Jiafu Ji

President of Peking University Cancer Hospital & Institute

JIafu Ji

Professor Ji is the President of Peking University Cancer Hospital & Institute. He also serves as Vice President, Chinese Anti-Cancer Association, President-elect of Cancer Hospital Management Association, an organization which is a champion of health care improvement based on changes by professionals in China. Professor Ji has also served as director of International Cooperation Department of China Medical Association. Professor Ji is one of leading pioneers on healthcare quality and improvement and is renowned for his experience in changing health care practices for the better. A gastrointestinal surgeon by background, Professor Ji has served as distinguished clinical professor of gastrointestinal surgery at the Peking University Cancer Hospital for almost thirty years, and was appointed the position of president of the hospital which he led till now.

Under Professor Ji’s leadership Peking University Cancer Hospital has been selected as “Top International Cancer Centres in China”, which have adopted advanced strategy to optimize treatment and make a difference in patient care. Professor Ji is internationally recognized for translational and clinical research in cancer. He is the president of International Gastric Cancer Conference 2017 and president of Chinese Gastric Cancer Association. Under his leadership, innovative training programs in the forms of gastric surgery demos and itinerant lectures benefited thousands of surgeons on standardized management of gastric cancer. His scientific program has mad fundamental discoveries both in fruitful basic research and international multicenter clinical trials. With unique vision, Dr. Ji took the lead in constructing biobank of cancer in China. The biggest biobank of cancer in China has remarkably promoted the knowledge and expertise of biobank construction for research.

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