Professor Wen G. Jiang

MB, BCh, MD, FSB, FRSM, Dean of International, Director of CCMRC, Cardiff University


Professor Wen G. Jiang is a Professor of Surgery and Tumour Biology at Cardiff University School of Medicine of the UK. He is currently Dean of International, and Director of Cardiff’s China Medical Research Collaborative (CCMRC) and Director of the Cardiff University-Peking University Cancer Institute of Cardiff University. Professor Jiang received his primary degree in clinical medicine from Peking University Health Science Centre and his MD from Cardiff University, where he practised surgery and subsequently became chair of Surgery and Tumour Biology in 2004. Professor Jiang’s main research interest is cancer and cancer metastasis and over the past two decades has conducted research at basic, translational and translational aspects of the disease. He is a Fellow of Royal Society of Medicine, Fellow of Socity of Biology. His team’s website is:

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