Conference History

CUKC Conference 2016

The CUKC Conference 2016 was held in May in Beijing, China. Attendees from across the UK, China and beyond benefitted from the opportunity to listen to elite speakers and network with distinguished representatives including world-leading researchers, clinicians, academics, scientists and students. The conference, which focused on discussing all areas of cancer research and cancer therapies, enabled like-minded individuals to share knowledge and professional experience.

CUKC 2016

Delegates from CCMRC attend the CUKC Conference 2016 in Beijing

The broad spectrum of themes included sessions on ‘Management of Familial Cancers’, ‘Palliative Care’, ‘Tips and Pitfalls for Gastrectomy’ and ‘The East Asian Forum for Clinical Trials.’  The English session included individual presentations on, ‘The Role of DKK-1 in the Osteoblastic Phenotype of Prostate Cancer Metastases’ (Dr Liam Morgan, Cardiff University), ‘NHERF1 Inhibits Malignant Phenotypes of Colorectal Cancer Cells through the Regulation of VEGFVEGFR2 Signalling Pathway’ (Yanan Gu, Capital Medical University) and ‘MicroRNA-1 Suppression in Gastric Cancer Promotes Angiogenesis-mediated Cancer Metastasis’ (Meng Xie, Peking University Cancer Hospital).

CUKC Conference 2016 took place together with the 11th Chinese Gastric Cancer Congress (CGCC) and the 4th Sunlight Great Wall Cancer Academic Conference (SGWCAC) at the China National Convention Centre (CNCC) over three days.  The CGCC, is a major national conference in China, and 2016 focused specifically on gastric cancer; offering a unique blend of topics on the latest advances and most important issues in clinical practice, basic and translational research. Meanwhile SGWCAC 2016, as part of the Congress, covered other related cancer areas.

Prof. Jiafu Ji, Co-Chair of CUKC 2015 and President of Peking University Cancer Hospital & Institute said, “CUKC 2016 was a great success enabling colleagues from across the UK to share world-leading expertise and knowledge with all of our counterparts in China.”

Professor Wen G Jiang, Director of CCMRC said, “The success of CUKC 2016 shows the benefits of international partnership working. As a result of the event, new joint-research projects will be pursued and the exchange of students between Wales and China will continue to go from strength-to-strength.


CUKC Conference 2015

The China-United Kingdom Cancer (CUKC) Conference 2015 which was held at the National Museum in Wales’ capital city, Cardiff on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th July 2015.

Approximately 200 experts, including senior medics, scientists and scholars from world leading, international institutions gathered to discuss strategies to fight cancer. Experts were invited to present scientific breakthroughs, exchange knowledge and discuss current challenges in cancer research. The conference also showcased exhibitions from industry sponsors and a display of almost 100 research posters to the delegates, which included representation from Industry, Government, University Health Boards and the third sector.


393A3356 1

CUKC Conference 2015 delegation, Cardiff

The highly prestigious event, opened with Welcome addresses from international keynote speakers including Wales’ First Minster, RT Hon Carwyn Jones, Cardiff University’s President and Vice –Chancellor, Professor Colin Riordan, Peking University Cancer Hospital and Institute’s President, Professor Jiafu Ji, Professor Xiaomin Wang, Vice-President, Capital Medical University (CMU) and Mr Shen Yang, Minister Counsellor for Education, Chinese Embassy in UK.

The plenary session was chaired by Cardiff University’s Pro Vice-Chancellor, International and Europe, Professor Nora de Leeuw and featured presentations from Nobel Prize Laureate, Professor Sir Martin Evans, Professor Jiafu Ji, Peking University Hospital and Institute, Dr Dongling Zou, Chongquing University, Graeme Poston, Aintree UHB, Professor Xiaomin Wang and Dr Meriel Jenney, Cardiff and Vale UHB. The evening conference dinner was opened by Professor Dylan Jones, Pro Vice-Chancellor, College of Biomedical and Life Sciences, Cardiff University and followed by a keynote speech from Professor Mark Drakeford, Minister for Health and Social Services, Welsh Government who expressed his thoughts on Healthcare Matters in Wales. The presence and support of the key note speakers highlights the shared importance attached to cancer research and the recognition of the need and benefits of Fighting Cancer Together.

Over the two days, thought-provoking presentations from leading scientists and clinicians focused on effective cancer prevention, early diagnosis, aggressive treatment and rehabilitation recovery in basic and translational research, clinical treatment and research transformation. The sponsors and poster exhibitions also encouraged research discussion and debate.

Director of the University’s Cardiff China Medical Research Collaborative, Professor Wen G. Jiang, said: “CUKC 2015 marks an important event in the history of the collaboration. The conference showcased past successes and refocused future priorities. The attendance by senior officials and leaders in the field of cancer research shows the importance attached to cancer research across the world. We will continue to expand our links with China and look forward to expanding the exchange programme and attending CUKC 2016 in Beijing.”

CUKC 2015 welcomed international media coverage from Made in Cardiff TV and People’s Daily.

For further information, please refer to the conference programme, brochure and IIACR journal edition. Proceedings of the full manuscripts CUKC 2015 are also available: Anticancer Research March 2016 vol. 36 no. 3 1103-1192


CUKC Conference 2014

The first official CUKC Conference was hosted by Capital Medical University in Beijing in June 2014. The brochure contains all details on CUKC 2014. CUKC Brochure 2014.


Before CUKC

Before CUKC was introduced, we held a symposium annually. Our first symposium was held in 2012 in Beijing and was hosted by Peking University and Capital Medical University. Our second symposium took place in Cardiff in 2013. Due to the success of the first two events, the scale of the next event grew considerably. In recognition of this, it was officially renamed the ‘China – United Kingdom Cancer Conference’ (CUKC).





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